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07 Apr The Best Shade Plants for Landscaping
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Have you got a shady spot in the garden you want to plant out?  Often we also have shady areas aroun..
22 Feb Planting Tips for your New Plants
egardens 0 771
TIPS AND TRICKS FOR PLANTING YOUR NEW PLANTS - Have your new plants arrived and you want to ensure t..
22 Jul The Best Plants for Narrow Spaces
egardens 0 1092
With land sizes getting smaller it is no surprise that plants for smaller and narrow spaces are soug..
13 Jul Top 10 Tallest Plants for Screening & Privacy
egardens 0 610
Need to screen out a neighbour or an unsightly building next door?! At this is by f..
13 Jul Pleaching Trees - What's It All About?
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TREE PLEACHING The old fashioned form of pleaching is super trendy again and comes from the French ..
13 Jul The Best Plants for your Pool Area
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Every pool needs beautiful plants to surround and compliment it.  Here are our top tips when choosin..
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